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Marketers Need 20-20 Vision in 2020

Don’t be like him. Stay ahead of the game and lookout for these top trends for 2020.

1. Personalization

Get personal with your customer base. Engage with them, talk to them, and get to know them. Tailor your messages to your customer. Show them that you care.

2. Direct Messaging

That’s right. We’ve all DM’ed before, and it’s growing as a trend in 2020. Direct Messaging makes conversations personal and streamlines customer service. As DM’ing is growing popular, chatbots are also increasing in number. When businesses are offline, customers can talk with a chatbot for generic questions, and can receive further service later with a real agent.

3. Social commerce

Shoppable posts like Instagram Shopping is on the rise. In June 2018, Instagram brought Shopping to Instagram Stories, which allowed businesses to showcase their products to customers in a more personal and unique way. A few months later in September, Instagram tested a Shopping Channel on the Explore page.

On Shopping Stories, Instagrammers are able to click on a product sticker, which directly links to “additional product images, details and similar items, as well as a link to the business’ mobile site to make a purchase,” according to the Instagram Business Team.

For businesses, this means new opportunities to reach customers.

4. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Still a foreign technology to some, emerging technologies like VR and AR are developing at a rapid pace in the marketing industry. As customers increasingly want holistic brand experiences, VR and AR are a great way to interact with customers, while leaving a lasting first impression.

5. Micro-influencers

Rather than top celebrities, micro-influencers are all the rage nowadays. While not as big, micro-influencers instead have a more niche and trusting following. Their followers rave about them and trust their opinions more. Often, micro-influencers actually have better engagement rates as well.

6. Interactive Content

Simply put, interactive content is more appealing to consumers because it’s fun and engaging. Over boring spam emails, customers prefer interactive emails with clickable buttons, aesthetic designs, and other interactions. This way, conversions are much higher and customers are more likely to remember your brand.

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The team from Digital Thrive wishes you a happy New Year!

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