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Facebook's Libra: Will Cryptocurrency Become the New Norm?

Earlier this week, Facebook announced Libra - a cryptocurrency created by it and all the other founding members of the Libra Association. Members include Visa, Uber, Paypal, Mastercard, and many other notable organizations. For Facebook, the goal is to make Libra and cryptocurrency mainstream.

This week's post isn't specifically about marketing, but Libra -- and the sheer number of reputable companies, organizations, and individuals behind it -- signify a big change coming to the business sphere. According to Josh Constine, who wrote an incredibly detailed article for TechCrunch about Libra, "Facebook just tried to reinvent money."

Want to know more about Libra and how it works? We recommend Constine's article "Facebook announces Libra cryptocurrency: All you need to know," written for TechCrunch. It explains the background of Libra, how it works, and more!

No time for a 4,000 word article? No problem. Watch TechCrunch's 5-minute video, "Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency explained."

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