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Why DIG? 

With hundreds of Insurance shopping comparison sites online, why choose us? 

Insurance rates are regulated by law, which means that no company, broker, or agent can offer you a discount on a policy. That doesn't mean you can't find ways to save money, though! Each insurer calculates risk differently, and they all strive to offer policies at competitive prices. That's why DIG helps you compare quotes from multiple companies in one place: to make it easy to spot potential savings.

Jen Bump 8 _Original _edited_edited.jpg

Co-founder, ceo

Jen's marketing career spans more than 17 years and includes launching and selling several start- ups.  Jen is a passionate marketing executive who has successfully launched and managed international and domestic marketing strategies for clients such as Citibank, Orbit, Cheap Flights, DirectTV, Dish Network, Aetna, Gerber and the US Air Force. Prior to founding DIG, Jen was the head of International sales with Intela and continues to enjoy working with clients both domestically and overseas.


Currently, Jen oversees Business Development for Digital Thrive, and its subsidiary, DIG CALLS.  As the head of all business development and marketing strategies, Jen is personally involved in the strategic planning for each client and their respective campaigns. 


Paul Mansfield

Co-founder, cTO

Paul is a seasoned IT Leader with a core focus on technology and business experience, leadership and mentoring capability, and understanding of how to bring innovation to product and platform design. Prior to founding DIG, Paul was the CTO of Intela, developing and managing all data management and email channels. 

Currently Paul oversees the development of our proprietary MarTech Platform which manages all marketing, stats and activity tracking and database management for Digital Thrive and it's subsidiary, DIG CALLS.

kevin (1).jpg

Kevin Van Lenten

Executive Vice President

Kevin brings over 15 years of digital sales, business development and operational leadership to the Dig Thrive team.  He is currently establishing influencer-driven performance models and distribution within the organization.  Kevin has helped leadership roles at IAC, nTent, Yahoo and AdMarketplace. He focuses on driving client revenue within the digital marketing and performance space.  He lives in NJ with his wife and kids.

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